Secure online payment processing made easy
AllCharge, an IBM spin-off, is a global Internet payment service provider that offers merchants and content owners advanced yet flexible e-payment, billing and processing technologies and solutions. See how AllCharge helps you to safely and easily begin to generate real revenue from your digital assets. more>
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Payment Processing Solutions
Apply now for a dedicated merchant account & start processing online
  • Easily process credit card
  • Competitive service & rates
  • Dedicated MID & descriptor
  • Automated fraud & risk control  
  • Multi-currency / multi-lingual
  • Real time back-office & CRM
  • Integrates with AllCharge billing
Billing Solutions
Boost your online business with AllCharge advanced billing solutions
  • Subscription / Recurring payments
  • Micro-payments
  • Integrated content management
  • Coupons & promotions
  • Royalty management & payout
  • Online dispute & refund handling
  • May be combined with your MID
Purchase online from selected partners
  • Secure transaction processing
  • Quick search for a large variety of products
  • One-stop-shop for content owners
Licensing AllCharge Technology
Implement AllCharge technology as your engine for your online venture