AllCharge provides an out-of-the-box e-wallet solution that readily integrated into your web site(s) and enables customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds between accounts. This can be a payment from a user to a merchant, or a fund transfer between two users. Account holders can set up "child accounts" to enable controlled online purchasing experience for their family members. Pre-funded gift cards can be easily distributed over email.

Child accounts

Any account owner can set up a sub account associated with his main account that will be linked to the payment method (usually a credit card) of the main account. This sub account, also known as a "child account" can be configured so that its owner can only spend up to a pre-defined amount per month, with further limits on the maximum transaction value allowed, the overall number of transactions etc. Further more, the "master" account owner can set up limits as to which sites or site categories this child account can be used on.
These child accounts are typically provided by parents to their children as a controlled payment method where the parents can limit the monthly spending of their children on the net.
Another use for these accounts is for an employer that needs to provide his employees with controlled online purchase capability for online services and information.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are similar in concept to child accounts, as described above, but which can be provided by an account holder to other people to use on the net.
Gift cards are anonymous and, once they are set up and sent to the recipient, they can not be monitored, changed or even reloaded.
These card provide a solution for online gift cards and as an anonymous payment method that can be set up by card holders and used to safely to consume services on the net with fear of identity theft, phishing etc.

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