AllCharge supports micro-payment aggregation to help you sell small value items at low processing costs while enabling your customers to easily purchase content at any price level.

With AllCharge micro-payments, online merchants can offer sub-dollar value items, while enjoying the lowest possible processing costs. The small transactions are aggregated in the user's account and processed according to each specific merchant's business rules. These rules often cover the total aggregated dollar value and the time lapse from the last purchase. In some cases the user can aggregate payments to multiple merchants through a single user account, further reducing the merchants' costs.

Micro-payments work in pre-paid and post-paid modes:
When used in a pre-paid mode, the customer charges his account with a pre-defined sum, (e.g. $5, $10, $15), so he can purchase micro-payment content until the cash is depleted. He will then be asked to recharge his account.

When used in a post-paid mode, the customer is billed for at the end of the month or at the end of a designated period, or when the aggregated amount in his account reaches a predefined value. All these options can be pre-configured by the merchant.

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