AllCharge offers extensive reports and statistics tools so that merchants can view their business results in real-time. The reporting tools enable transactions tracking per business performance, charge back reviews, settlements, etc, for every content owner.

Merchants can also slice and dice reports by parameters such as; by country, by revenue sharing and many other. The system also offers you the option of creating customized reports and tools. The merchant back-office system provides the following reports:

  • Reconcile partner performance data
  • Partner payout reports
  • View your account balance - gross / net sales
  • V.A.T reports
  • Analyze sales performance; by partners, files, content types etc.
  • Distribute royalties to content partners
  • Manage sales in multiple currencies and view a bottom line in your lead currency
  • View geographical data
  • Manage fraud filtering
  • Analyze performance of distribution partners and affiliates
  • Drill down through the data for in-depth analysis
  • Export data for further analysis - excel or to other back-end systems

Additional reports can be customized in various formats.

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    Boost Your Online Business with AllCharge Advanced Billing Services
  • Advanced billing services complements your Merchant Account
  • Modular packages - add services as your business grows
  • Brand it - a unified customer experience
  • Cost effective - faster time to market than in-house solution
  • Highly scalable - continuously supports a growing business
  • Widest possible services at your disposal