Easily manage subscriptions and offer innovative business models to attract a larger audience. We provide you with a complete subscriptions solution including; coupons, discounts and trial period management to retain your online audience. Most importantly our subscription model provides a CRM support tool to help you build your customer database while enabling customers to manage their own account and profile.

You can provide a one time payment subscription, ("buy a 12 month subscription for $99 instead of paying $15 a month") or use our recurring payments module to enable the user to select a recurring monthly payment.

Subscriptions can be suspended and resumed by either the merchant or the user. Consumers can view their subscriptions details, view other subscription options, purchase new subscriptions and extend existing ones. By implementing the subscriptions option, online merchants can target customers who prefer products sold at flat rates, such as online subscriptions for magazines, newspapers, archived information, video, etc.

The subscription module supports attractive incentives such as - subscribe to 12 months and get one month free, or get a free two-week trial when subscribing to six months etc. At the end of the subscription period the system will automatically notify the users and provide them with a renewal option.

Coupons and promotions

AllCharge Billing supports online coupons and promotions; customers are offered the option to redeem any coupons they may be holding as part of the checkout process. The checkout price will be modified accordingly.The billing system in effect has a complete solution for setting up and managing coupon distribution and redemption.

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    Boost Your Online Business with AllCharge Advanced Billing Services
  • Advanced billing services complements your Merchant Account
  • Modular packages - add services as your business grows
  • Brand it - a unified customer experience
  • Cost effective - faster time to market than in-house solution
  • Highly scalable - continuously supports a growing business
  • Widest possible services at your disposal