Complete online payment billing and processing solutions:

Being at the forefront of online payment standards and technologies AllCharge offers complete customized solutions for purchasing digital and physical goods over the web. AllCharge's secure online payment services make it simple and straightforward for you to begin processing international credit cards transactions in real time. All our service options focus on simple management, seamless system integration and greater cash flow control through user-friendly APIs (Application Program Interfaces).

As a full-service provider we easily bundle basic services such as credit card processing with high value services such as fraud and risk management, advanced billing and content management. We can bill any amount, on any basis per click, per download, per session time, per bytes streamed and more, for any type of web site and any form of digital content.

Whether you are a start up, an established merchant or a billing agent, AllCharge has a service model to meets your needs.

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Billing services

Boost your online business with AllCharge advanced billing services
Whether you have an existing online business or planning to launch one, you'll begin to maximize your returns through our advanced billing services. Designed to support the most innovative business models, AllCharge advanced billing services easily expands your credit card processing to subscriptions, recurring payments, micro-payments collection and more...

See how our billing services can be integrated into your merchant account, or bundled with a MID.

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Payment processing services

Get a dedicated merchant account (MID) & start processing online now
On top of merchant accounts from leading credit card acquirers, AllCharge provides secure multi-lingual payment pages with multi-currency solutions and advanced fraud and risk management to support your global customer base.  Determined to increase your flexibility and boost sales we provide payment processing services packaged with our advanced billing services. 

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AllCharge "Uploadn'Sell

Let your digital assets work for you
We provide content owners with complete content management and content distribution services. Our "Upload-Sell-Distribute" solution is a one-stop-shop service including royalty management and auto-payouts, enabling you to simply and immediately start merchandizing your content.
Find out how you can join the AllCharge online "Content Market Place" for an easy start.

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"Buy-Me" Buttons

Content owners - easily transform your promotional web site or blog into an online store. Simply add HTML links or buttons to start processing credit card transactions from your web site or any other online property such as your blog, MySpace, email etc. Securely distribute "Buy-Me" buttons to promote and resell your content from affiliate and partner locations while we automatically manage partner commissions.

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  • Multiple credit card acquisition solutions
  • Fraud & risk management
  • Multi-lingual / multi-currency
  • Merchant branded purchase pages
  • Simple to integrate online-shop solutions
  • Advanced billing services
  • Optimized for small payments - Micro-payments
  • Subscription manager, coupons and promotions
  • Royalty management & payout
  • Online dispute and refund management
  • Real time back-office and CRM
  • E-wallet services - pre / post-paid
  • Integrated content management
  • Transfers promotional site into online store
  • Start selling from any web location
  • Provides scalability and high availability
  • Based on core technologies developed at IBM labs