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One of the great challenges for publishing companies is the ability to create online billing, processing management and revenue generation from online archives and content. Whether your publishing house sells magazines, newspapers or books, invoicing for subscription on a local and international scale is a challenge.

The AllCharge e-publishing solution helps you to overcome these challenges: Our multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi payment options and features help you to monetize your assets online saving you costs and substantial administrative work.

We make it easy for customers to subscribe quickly and to increase subscription offers response rates. Publishers will see their response rates grow significantly!

AllCharge helps you to focus on the content generation and acquisition, while we take care of the billing and processing operations. Integrate our complete payment service and start turning your content into a revenue generator now.

See how we can help you easily setup an e-publishing business.

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  • Commercialize your content and archives
  • Enjoy flexible billing solutions
  • Convert visitors into paying subscribers
  • Set up a pay-per-article package
  • Package and sell a time based archive access service
  • Manage subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Check the AllCharge outsourcing ASP model