Whether you are an established music publisher or an independent startup artist or band – AllCharge offers customized solutions tailored to your individual needs. Having years of experience in helping music writers and publishers setup and profit online, AllCharge understands the steps needed to kick start your sales. That's why we provide diverse choices for uploading your digital content.

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You focus on creating your music - we do the rest

You can implement our "Buy-Me" Buttons or integrate our virtual store solution to turn any online presence into a revenue generator.
No need to invest in an online store – AllCharge provides web-based upload options with no installation requirements, just sign up to upload your music and receive sales links for your site or blog.

AllCharge offers a complete DRM packaging solution as part of the content management system, to protect your music and devise your own DRM rules.

Check out the following examples, choose the one that best fits your needs:

Sell your music through

Visit DJdingdong myspace page -

Look for the orange "Buy" button under the "General Info" section to see how you can turn your myspace page into an online store.

Take a look at for some additional solutions including our virtual shop and "Buy-Me" Links.

Instead of sending your customers to itunes, and risk losing them, add your "Buy-Me" Button to help them complete the purchase process from your myspace page or blog. AllCharge also offers complete virtual stores for an enhanced customer experience while shopping through your catalog.

"Buy-Me” Buttons

Click the link below to experience the purchase process with our simple-to- integrate buttons. These buttons are automatically generated when you upload a song through your AllCharge account.

Buy this song
Virtual stores

Try out our virtual store solution by clicking on the following button

Check my shop
Ad-supported music delivery

Check out an innovative solution that provides music fans with licensed premium content for free, while generating significant revenues for you.
During the music downloading process, the listeners are presented with a short advertisement. In return they are granted a song license – as though they have paid for it. And you control the DRM parameters of each song to manage your assets distribution.

Try out AllCharge Ad Supported by clicking here

See how we can help you easily setup an online music business.

Check out our Uploadn'Sell service option

To find out more contact us

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  • Upload, sell and distribute
  • DRM protection option
  • Ad-supported music delivery
  • Micropayments
  • Royalty and commission management
  • User-friendly reseller model
  • Pre-configured online store solutions
  • Simply integrates with your blog or social network page
  • "Buy-Me" Buttons and links