Content distribution over Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks

Content owners who want to reap the benefits of peer-to peer networks, yet need to control and generate revenues will greatly profit from the AllCharge P2P service.

AllCharge provides content owners with a complete content protection solution before it is streamed over P2P networks. Once you upload content AllCharge creates the links that connect the files with the AllCharge payment pages. The content is released only after the customer is re-directed to an AllCharge payment page and the payment process is completed.

Rights protection

You can distribute music for example in either MP3 formats, or you can use our DRM packaging module to further protect your rights. If you are providing P2P distribution services, you can use the AllCharge service to complement yours and include content protection and payment services.

You can also enable a complete P2P money distribution and payment service, in addition to content distribution. For further information check out  AllCharge Technology.

Pay, Transfer and Collect Money

AllCharge offers a complete solution for merchandizing content over P2P networks

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  • For payments at any amount
  • Easily extended to other applications; wireless payments and micro-payment
  • Reliable, secure money transfer methods - automatic dispute resolution
  • Based on open industry standards
  • Low operational expenses
  • Can be highly customized and automated
  • Flexible commission strategy
  • Integrates with all P2P networks