General FAQ
Q. Who is AllCharge?
A. AllCharge, an IBM spin-off, is a global Internet payment service provider (IPSP) that offers merchants and content owners advanced yet flexible e-payment, billing and credit card processing services, technology, and solutions
Q. What is AllChargeTech?
A. AllCharge makes its technology available to online merchants o website developers that require to implement payment and billing solutions as part of their core service offering. Reduce your time to market and development risks by using the AllChargeTech modules, or select a complete working solution.
Q. What is a Internet Payment Service Provider?
A. IPSP's are companies that have been approved by Visa and Mastercard to connect merchants for online processing. The IPSP sets us a merchant account for each of the sponsored merchants and handles the credit card processing on their behalf.
Q. Does AllCharge provide me with a merchant account?
A. Yes, AllCharge provides online merchants with a complete and flexible, e-payment solution for processing and selling online, including a dedicated Merchant Account (MID). The AllCharge MID is provided by tier one acquirers that AllCharge has processing agreements with. This dedicated MID will carry your own descriptor,, minimizing potential chargeback risks. AllCharge will facilitate this process with you during your implementation. For the full service Upload’nSell program an acquirer merchant account is not required. Learn more at http://www.allcharge.com/services-payment-processing.asp
Q. What if I already have a merchant account?
A. AllCharge Billing Services can readily integrate into your existing merchant account. Use the AllCharge billing for recurring payments, subscription management, royalty management and more. Visit http://www.allcharge.com/services-billing.asp for more information.
Q. When should I apply for AllCharge Services?
A. If you are an established online business, contact us immediately to learn what AllCharge can do for you.
Q. Do I need a complete web site first?
A. If you are setting up a new online venture - we highly recommend that you contact us before you complete your web site development (we will be happy to provide you with advice free of charge!). If you want to enhance your billing solutions, add micro-payments, enable subscriptions or introduce royalties, then our billing services are right for you and by implementing them you will save extra development costs, reduce risks and time to market. Learn more about our Billing Solutions at http://www.allcharge.com/services-billing.asp
Digital Content FAQ
Q. What is Upload’nsell?
A. Uploadn'Sell is a content mall operated by AllCharge. This is a vertically integrated content management, delivery, billing and processing solution enabling independent and emerging artists to monetize their content. AllCharge offers its advanced digital content commerce platform through a cost effective service model. This one-stop-shop enables artists to go online in minutes and migrate to the AllCharge complete e-commerce suites as their business grows. Learn more at http://www.allcharge.com/services-uploadandsell.asp
Q. How do I start using the AllCharge Uploadn'Sell?
A. Simply sign up at www.allchargemall.com and you are ready to go. Once you upload your content, you will be immediately provided with buy me links along with the AllCharge virtual store. These can be integrated with any web presence you have including web sites, blogs, myspace etc.
Q. What is a Virtual Store?
A. The AllCharge Virtual Store, is an HTML page that is automatically generated once you upload your content. AllCharge provides you with the required HTML code to integrate the Virtual Store either as a popup or as an iframe.
Q. What are “Buy-Me” Links and Buttons?
A. Once content is uploaded through the AllCharge interface, the system automatically generates "buy-me" links and buttons that can be integrated into your website or on any other online location. The sales process is completed through the AllCharge secure payment pages. Learn more at http://www.allcharge.com/services-uploadandsell-buy-me-a-button.asp
Payment Processing FAQ
Q. Can I accept other payment methods?
A. The basic AllCharge offering provides processing services of major Credit Cards. AllCharge can be easily integrated with additional payment methods; pre-paid accounts (cards and online PINs), utility, telco and ISP billing. Contact us (link) for additional information.
Q. Do you provide payment pages? What about SSL?
A. AllCharge integrates with your own purchase process or can provide you with a branded payment processing solution, eliminating the need for SSL connectivity and other expensive security solutions otherwise needed for your web site.
Q. What is a Chargeback?
A. Reversal of a sales transaction, initiated by the issuer or cardholder that is returned to the acquirer for resolution. When a cardholder initiates a chargeback on an Internet transaction, the card issuer is obligated to refund them immediately on the full charged back amount. A cardholder has 180 days to initiate a chargeback. The online merchant is liable for this money.
Q. Do I need Risk & Fraud Management?
A. Yes and Yes! Fraud prevention is extremely important for online commerce as the merchant bares the costs of the unbilled products and the risk of credit card industry fines. AllCharge offers a fraud management module that assists in blocking fraudulent transactions and includes various fraud prevention filters. The AllCharge system provides different levels of fraud protection; from general black lists and customer specific white lists to more advanced fraud protection features. learn more at http://www.allcharge.com/services-payment-built-in-risk-and-fraud-management.asp
Q. How does AllCharge secure transmitted transaction data?
A. The AllCharge server is secured by, and compliant with, the international PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard (PCI_DSS) of Visa and Mastercard.
Q. How can I refund my customers?
A. AllCharge provides you with an automated online tool to credit and refund your customers. The merchant receives an online notification of a pending dispute and can either accept or refuse the refund request online – increasing customer satisfaction and minimizing chargeback’s .Using the AllCharge back-office too, you can easily refund your customers or credit their online account.
Technical FAQ
Q How do I integrate with AllCharge System?
A. AllCharge supports an intensive yet user-friendly set of API’s (Application Program Interfaces) that enable online merchants and service providers to easily interface to the AllCharge service.
Q Does AllCharge provide training?
A. Our technical support team will guide you through the implementation process. In addition, every merchant is accompanied by an experienced Client Relations Manager fully dedicated to the merchant in all matters concerning his/her account.
Q Do you provide a real time Back Office?
A. Yes we do! AllCharge customer support and online management tools decrease customer service costs and minimize the risk of credit card charge-backs. The CRM system includes a fully automated customer care module that lets customers open trouble tickets as well as directly contact the merchant, without requiring a live representative. This online service substantially reduces charge-backs at the credit card level while improving customer retention and overall satisfaction.
Q What reporting do you provide?
A. AllCharge offers extensive reports and statistics tools so that merchants can view their business results in real-time. The reporting tools enable transactions tracking per business performance, charge back reviews, settlements, etc, for every content owner. Learn more at http://www.allcharge.com/services-billing-reports.asp. The AllChareg Back-Office is also used to provide commission information to your content partners and distribution channel.
Administrative FAQ
Q. What are the AllCharge client support dept. working hours?
A. The AllCharge service is provided 24*7. The AllCharge offices are open Sunday - Thursday 8:00Am – 5:00pm, GMT. Besides the normal working hours, an emergency staff is available 24/7.
Q. How do I get started?
A. To get started; just fill out the application form or contact us for more information on the merchant application and to receive a customized proposal for your needs.
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